Exhibition & Event design



We have been operating for quite some time. Nowadays, the flying start we had 30 years ago would be called: startup. From the very beginning, our activities are characterized by uniqueness, ambition and innovation. Back then, these seemed to be small steps for us but proved to be rather significant in the exhibition industry that was still in its infancy. We evolved together with the market, and the market evolved with us. Even in the early days, the aim of the 2-person startup company was to fully satisfy our clients, while utilizing our potential for growth to be able to enter the international market in the future. Now we can proudly say that we have succeeded. We quickly grew out the garage where we started; currently we work on several thousand square metres, and on-site locations are common to be in other countries or overseas. Though we have become a full-service agency, thanks to our unique management and process organization methods, we still await the challenges of exhibitions, festivals, indoor and outdoor installations in a family-like environment.



  • design and implementation of exhibitions
  • manufacture of decor sets
  • design of custom stands
  • 3D visual design
  • advertisement graphics design and production
  • store decoration, indoor architecture design and implementation
  • event decorations
  • furniture leasing

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